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What is Naturopathy?

"Naturopathy," broadly speaking, is to use natural methods, such as lifestyle, improving emotions and diets, nutritional supplements, or using natural substances or non-invasive methods in order to prevent and treat disease. It is a self-healing approach integrated into daily living called "natural therapy" (Naturopathic Therapy). Its principles are compatible concepts found in modern preventive medicine. 

Types of Naturopathy 
Naturopathy consists of medical wisdom from ancient times. It is also a collection of a variety of theories developed from different cultural backgrounds. The purpose of Naturopathy focuses on the promotion of human self-adjustment capability and emphasis on unity with nature. The common therapies in foreign countries are aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, hot and cold therapy, music therapy, massage therapy, reflexology, color therapy, mind-body therapy, respiratory therapy, homeopathy, Bach (flower remedies) therapy, herbal therapy, nutritional therapy, traditional therapies, spinal balance therapy and so on. Each of the therapies emphasis not interfering with the body’s natural way of functioning when strengthening the healing power of the body, mind and spirit, from the intrinsic and inner cultivation in daily life, to the external environment adjustment and adaptability. The method is not intended for temporary treatments of symptoms, but rather to improve fundamental conditions.

The Medicine Concepts of “Nature and Humans in One 
The concepts of ancient oriental medicine (which includes China and India), combines the five elements of the universe and the human body characteristics with the scientific characteristics of herbs. Natural medicine emphasizes that sicknesses is the outcome of the imbalance of the body-mind system, instead of caused by a single extrinsic or intrinsic factor. The fundamental concept of oriental medicine is to re-establish the balance of the individual, stimulate the individual's intelligence and potential, and build a harmonious balanced life in order to increase self-healing and strengthen physical body. The traditional Chinese medicine sees the human body as a small universe and is a part of the bigger nature (an ideology developed from the functioning of the whole). The ultimate goal is to maintain the integrity and harmony of the whole system. 

Whether ancient or modern, natural therapies emphasize the health concept of the balance of the body, mind, and spirit. When the body, mind, and spirit are in balance, one then can feel comfortable and at ease leading to an enhanced quality of life.